Laser technology; It allows you to perform operations such as cutting, welding, marking without requiring qualified technical personnel, with high quality, without leaving any traces, smoothly and very quickly.

          With its laser working logic, it does not emit gases that harm the environment, and its harm to the environment and health is very low compared to other cutting and welding methods. It is one of the most important instruments of production technology with its easy use and quality products.

           With its wide product range and quality products, Bote Laser Technologies helps you to carry laser technology to your business with the most affordable and low costs.

OptIcal FIber ContInuous Laser CuttIng and FlattIng Machıne

Function: Laser Cutting machine

What product can cut: Max Diameter: 200mm / Max Height:500mm / Thickness:0.2-2mm or 0,2-3,5 mm

(Below 1mm use 1000W, need 10MPA, above 1mm use1500w, need 12-13MPA,)

Efficiency: For example: Diameter 120mm,thickness: 0.3-0.4mm / Cutting time: 3-4second

Who can use this machine: Normal workers can need technology workers. Workers just put product down and up.


  • Electricity cost: 2-4 kW per hour
  • Protective lens: Life time is 15-35 days (If the protective lens easy to break, it is sure because the dust. Please keep checking and cleaning the lens.)
  • Cutting Nozzle replacement: 10-30 days


  • Smooth cutting edge,Free-burr
  • Fast speed
  • Less Consumption cost
  • Easy to operate
AutomatIc 3D laser tube cuttIng machIne

Machine system with loading option

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Option 1


Small Format Plane Laser CuttIng MachIne

Standart Machine

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High Speed, Low Cost Rate

1. Double driver, stable structure, driving characteristic is excellent.

2. Industrial Control System adopts modular and redundant design, which is stable and reliable.

3. Special design is made for optical path / gas circuit, which provides obvious advantage for cutting speed.

4. The light beam quality is good, high cutting efficiency.

5. No need gas, which can produce laser with the advantage of low energy consumption, good stability.

6. The machine is manufactured in a high-strength, rigid structure. After the machine body is welded and formed, it is subjected to heat treatment and vibration aging to relieve stress.

OptIcal FIber ContInuous StraIght Seam WeldIng MachIne

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Standart Machine


Optional Transverse Worktable

( Welding Length Customizable)

Welding max length:1.3M

Contınuous Optıcal Fıber Transmıssıon Laser Weldıng Machıne

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3/4 Axis



3/4/5 Axis



6 Axis



Standart Machine

Handheld fIber laser weldIng and cuttIng machIne

This model is included welding and cutting function.

The feature of welding technology is the width for welding seam 0.2-3mm adjustable. It can  solve the  problem that the  metals is  easy to change  the shape,  has the  seam and incorrect position. And the machine can cut 0.2-2mm stainless steel plate. The machine is used widely for elevator stairs, storage rack, oven, fence for stainless steel door and window, electric cabinet, splitter  plate  for  the  Hotpot  with   double-flavoured, stainless  steel bathroom  or  furniture Industries  ect.  These  industries need  the  complex, irregular welding  technology.  The machine  can replace  perfectly the  traditional argon  arc welding machine. And  it can weld  the metals plates such  as thin stainless  steel plate, iron plate, aluminous plate ect.

1. Copper nozzle:  The customer  can choose  the different  spray nozzle  depending on  the different welding technology (inner angle nozzle, extrenal angle nozzle, feeding wire coppery nozzle)

2. Thread  Steel Tube:  It  can  adjust  the focal  distance  by  running  the thread  tube.  The suitable distance is ±10mm.

3. Gas Tube Port: It can protect the gas air-blowing port.

4. Conductive Signal  Line: It  can communicated with  the copper  nozzle. When  welding, it can touch the floor to produce the  protection.

5. Installation  Port  of   Protection  Protective  glass   with  water  cooling structer, the using  lifetime is more longer. that please use the alcohol  dustless swabs to clean 1 time the dust on the every day.

6. Circulating   Waterway:  The   circulation   structure  of   water   cooling  can   reduce   the temperature for the reflective lens and the inner structure of the welding gun.

7. LCD Screen: It can  show the system parameters and  whether is normal for the  signal of motor.

8. Hand   Shank  of   Gun   Block:  technology,   light   and  portable,   and comfortable when you hold it.

9. Actived Light  Shotted  Button: Change  the structure  of hand  shank and  the  position of actived button can be suitable for the operating using by the left hand and the right hand.

10. QBH Locking Sleeve: Connect with the Laser Device QBH, please pay attention to clean when installation in order to avoid the dust into the inner of the gun block.

Feeding Wire Structure and Accessories:

Feeding Wire Function Introduction:

1. Feeding wire clamp, feeding wire copper nozzle, welded coppery nozzle

2. Inner  structure  of wire  feeder  adopts  the  full  closed  and low  speed  motor  with  high precision. The double  driving feeding wire structure makes  the feeding more unobstructed, power  and  not obstruct  the  wire.  It  can  convenient  to move  whenever  because  of  the universal wheel removable.

3. Closed  type   of  case   design,  with   the  protable   hand  shank,   chinese  red   for  the appearance.

4. Wire  feeding adjuster,  LCD Screen  shows  the feeding  wire  speed real-time,  adjusting speed with high precision, adjustable feeding wire speed range more widely.

1. Simple Operation: Wthout the high training cost, it is simple to welding and cutting.

2. Fast speed and high efficiency, wide the function of automatic wire feeding,  laser welding machine  with welding  by fast speed  and high efficiency, smooth and beautiful welding seam, reduce poished process.

3. Welding and cutting material widely:  stainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized  plate, aluminous plate ect. metal material.

4. Breakthrough the limited for the shape of workpiece and the working temperature: small welding spot, small range about the  heat effect, needn’t set up the welding worktable, small  space  occupation,  working  flexible,   fast  welding  speed,  movable  working  in  far distance without limited by environmental space.


Standart Machine

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  1. Laser source
  2. Markingsize: 100*100  /  150*150  /  175*175  /  200*200  /  300*300
  3. Galvo head
  4. F-thetalens
  5. Controlsystem: BejingJCZ + EZCAD software 2.14.10
  6. Manual stand column: 500mm
  7. Computer: Industrial desktop computer + keyboard + mouse
  8. Working table: Aluminum
  9. Rotary axis

Technical Parameters

Laser Source

Laser Cutting Head

Main purpose and scope of application;


Laser cutting is a more advanced processing method in material processing. The laser pipe cutting machine produced by our company is mainly used for cutting and blanking of round pipes, such as 304 stainless steel pipe, 201 stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe, brass pipe, aluminum pipe and other metal pipes. The cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the product incision is flat, and there is no burr. Note: According to the selected laser power, the cutting range of the material is different.


Configration of 3D Cutting Machine:


1- Full Automatic Feeding

Fully automatic feeding of the whole bundle. It is only necessary to hoist 6 meters of raw materials into the storage rack in batches to achieve:  meters of raw materials into the storage rack in batches to achieve: automatic uploading → automatic feeding → automatic cutting → automatic blanking of the whole process.


2- High efficiency and e asy operation:

This machine is only for cutting small and medium sized pipe and square pipe, the structure is stable; when changing the pipe diameter, it is necessary to replace the chuck and adjust the center height of the pipe through the handwheel device. 

( min. Dia 15 mm - max. Dia 89 mm / min. square15x15 mm - max. square 63x63 mm)


3- The blind area of tailings is small, saving materials and reducing post processes

Simple and unique feeding method, when the pipe is in the feeding machine and cannot continue to feed, the subsequent pipe will continue to push the current pipe to contin ue feeding to complete the cutting of tailings. The machine normally cuts tailings is 40mm 70mm , saving material loss and eliminating tailings processing process.