debo -glass prcessıng machınes


Vertical type glass edging machines; working with chainless ball bearing transmission, high torque, no vibration, strong body structure, between 0 to 180 mm working thicness, high quality edging and polishing, different kind of angle and style shaipng,  easy and usefull interface and reasonable prices.


The machine adopts chainless ball bearing transmission, which changes the sliding contact between the bearing and the guide rail into rolling contact, reduces the pulling force and makes the transmission smooth.


The main drive adopts variable frequency speed regulation motor and hardened gear reducer combined with RV reducer, which ensures higher transmission efficiency, greater transmission torque, no tremor at low speed, large speed adjustment range, convenient and reliable operation.


Adopt PLC control, touch screen display processing thickness, processing speed, reliable control and easy adjustment.


Besides, it has a good protection system, reasonable lubrication system and perfect appearance.

It is suitable for straight line processing of 1 ~ 50mm glass thickness.


Coarse/fine grinding and polishing can be done in one pass.


The processed glass surface can reach the level of ordinary mirror surface, and the linear precision is high.


It can meet the requirements of high precision and high polishing of glass straight line edging.

productıon samples
technıcal parameters

Adopt the ball bearing structure, and with the back beam lifting system. The bevel width can be adjusted by overall feeding at the
same time without single adjustment.


PLC control system, the touch screen is used as the man-machine interface to display the glass thickness, bevel width and angle, remaining thickness and processing speed.


The machine is suitable for processing glass with different bevel width requirements.


The rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing can be processed in one time.


The surface finish of the processed glass products reaches the mirror level, the intersection line of the plane on the slope is straight, and the intersection line of the two slopes at each corner is straight and evenly divided into each corner.


It is suitable for processing products with strict quality requirements.

productıon samples
technıcal parameters

This series of machines adopts ball bearing pads structure, which is mainly used for the edge grinding and polishing of glass bottom
edge and front large chamfer.

The machine is controlled by PLC.

The angle of the front seven motors as a whole swing frame is adjustable between 0 ° ~ 45 ° , and it can feed together at the same time to adjust the bevel width without single adjustment.

PLC control is adopted, and the touch screen is used as the man-machine interface. The angle and chamfer width are displayed on the
display screen.

During automatic grinding, various parameters of front chamfer can be adjusted and set accurately; It can process straight-line flat bottom edge, multi-level edge and corner at one time.

productıon samples
technıcal parameters

This machine adopts PLC control , one-click operation mode. Ordinary workers can easily get started.

Main drive applies servo motor drive system, promoting the active step belt and side pressure synchronous belt for stable synchronization.

Side pressure integral opening and closing adopts synchronous opening and closing, with high accuracy.

With the whole smooth grinding belt movement mode, the larger surface effect is better.

Overall lifting stroke of swing beam reaches 220.

It is very convenient to replace grinding wheel and adjust the water. As a whole stainless steel water tank, the front and back can be quickly transparent water retaining.

Maintenance is simple and reliable.

The machine adopts four diamond wheels, 12 tree wheels, eight wool wheels.

The plane width within 150 can be polished at one time. The processing effect is good (The processing finish is close to the matrix surface finish). The plane processing range is wide.

productıon samples
technıcal parameters