Gelaıs glass temperıng technology


         Production of flat, cylindrical and especially complex curved glass in glass tempering furnaces, tempered glass cover, tempered glass plate, small-sized glass tempering furnaces, tempered glass cover lines; Gelais Company, a leading company with oscillating or continuous oven technologies, helps you carry technology to your business with the most affordable and low costs with its R&D and professional production technique, its wide product range and quality products.

temperıng furnaces
  1. Flat / Bend Temper Furnace
  2. Continuous Glassware Temper Furnace
  3. Glassware Temper Furnace
  4. Glass Lids Temper Furnace
  5. Heat-Soak Re-Threaded Furnace


  1. Automotive Glasses
  2. Buildings
  3. Industrial Glasses (Refrigirator, Oven etc.)
  4. Decoration
  5. Furniture
  6. Curtain Wall
  7. Glassware (Glass Plates, Glass Pot Lids etc.)
Glass Pot Lıds and Glassware productıon Lınes


  1. Fruit Plate Tempering
  2. Glass Pot Lids
  3. Lamp Cover
  4. All kind shape glass tempering


  1. ECE R-43
  2. BS
  3. ANSI
  4. GB 15763.2-2005


  1. Workin Position: Single
  2. Capacity: 4-6 Pcs/Min.
  3. Heating Method: Elektric, Capacity 40 kW
  4. Glass Thickness: 3,5 - 5 mm
  5. Productivity: 9%0 (Float Glass)
  6. Pnömatic Air: 5-8 kg/cm3

   Outline Size

  1. Furnace: L:10m W:1,5m H:1,7m
  2. Tempering Section: L:3,5m W:0,8m H:1,8m
Glass edge grındıng and polıshıng machıne
Glass Double Hole Drıll Machıne
round glass cuttıng Machıne


  • Round Cutting
  • Diameter 100mm - 500 mm
  • Semi-Step Motor Control
  • Automatic Cutting
  • Step movement
  • Accurately Cut
  • Auto loading Option
  • High production Rate
Glass lıds lıne machınes
Stainless Automatic Cutting Machine 
Stainless Ring Edge Coring Machine 
Stainless Ring Edge Enlarge Machine 
Edge Press Machine
Ring Polishing Machine