Robotic Systems

robotıc sytems

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By Applying an Industrial Robot Arm to Your Business, you can have more than one workforce working with 100% Performance.

Pick & Place Robotic Systems

Loading and unloading systems are systems that provide great savings from the workforce, work flawlessly in terms of work and worker safety, and work with 100% performance without loss of performance in the workforce. It does work faster and error-free than the normal workforce. It can be used in areas such as loading at the beginning of the line, transferring on the line or unloading at the end of the line, stacking, palletizing. With the application made by STS according to the needs of your business and its user-friendly, easy and understandable interface, it is a system that all your personnel can use with a very short training.

Application Places

Glass Industry

Tile, Marble, Natural Stone, Granite Industry


Wooden Industry

Packaging Lines

All loading and Unloading neccesseries business

Stacking and Palletizing Systems

Accurate and perfect stacking and palletizing of large or small sized, heavy or light products, proper packaging processes, can be done very easily and quickly with robotic systems without loss of workforce. It is a system that all your personnel can use with a very short training, with its 100% workforce performance, the application made by STS according to the needs of your business, and its user-friendly, easy and understandable interface.

Application Places

Feed Enterprises and Factories

Construction Chemicals, cement, lime etc.

Flour Factories and Mills

Parcel, box packaging and palletizing Lines

Bottled water, beverage industry

Businesses that require palletizing of all packages, bags, sacks

CNC Working & Milling Robotic Systems

With the CNC machining robot arm application, many operations such as milling, drilling, mold production, wooden papel production can be performed perfectly with functions such as milling, drilling and robotic system. By defining more than one station, it is possible to save time lost from workpiece replacement time. With the CAM program prepared using the SprutCam program, you can perform your 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis operations with robotic arms. With the use of positioner, 7 axis can be worked, 8 axis work can be done with kuka silder. By adding a tool changing platform according to your needs, tool changing time is also saved.

Application Places

Glass Industry

Tile, Marble, Natural Stone, Granite Industry, Marble milling and statue manufacturing

Automotive, Cookware Industries

Wooden Industry

Metal and Aluminium Milling Lines

All milling neccesseries business

Robotic systems have become a great requirement of enterprises in order to develop the industry, use the workforce more efficiently, fast production and meet the term "Dark Factories" developing as a new concept. At first glance, systems that are thought to be a huge investment and can only be used in mass production lines can actually be obtained in all businesses with very reasonable investment costs.


As STS Robotics, we adapt these systems to you with very affordable costs and in a way that you can earn a lot of money and offer them to your service. We are always with you with "Smart Technical Solutions". For this, all it takes is for you to contact us by sending an e-mail...

Some Applications

Epoxy Coating machine output designed for companies working in the Natural Stone and marble industry; industrial robotic arm system for collecting, stacking and automatic separator placement.

CNC grinding machine loading and unloading industrial robotic arm system designed for glass processing plants.

An industrial robot arm system application that we designed and commissioned to be used in automatic loading and unloading operations of grinding, drilling and water jet machines for the glass industry. Even if your CNC machines are not suitable for automatic operation, we make the system operational with the necessary hardware and changes.