"High Sourcing Horizon"

As Global Sourcing, we search for the products you need for your business, find them on your behalf, have them produced and control them. We serve you with our 30 years of experience in many fields and sectors such as textile, automotive, furniture, metal, plastic, machinery.


Wooden Epoxy Table

Our natural wood or natural wood and epoxy material filled tables will add a very elegant and aesthetic style to your offices and rooms.


Trees consist of barren trees in nature that are 200-600 years old. Therefore, what we do is a complate recycling project. The resin we use is completely solvent free and antibacterial. These products are custom made and %100 handmade.


You can choose the tree types used in epoxy processing, walnut, mazel, olive, chestnut, you can choose the tree type you want and let us know.


We share the photos of the production stages with you. We get your pre-approval for the design. Then we ship your product with final approval.


Tree types used in epoxy processign e yours in the world and will live with you.


  • Natural Walnut Wood Option
  • Natural Chestnut Wood Option
  • Natural Olive Wood Option
  • Machined Edge Option
  • Natural Edge Option
  • Metal leg
  • Wooden Leg
  • Different color alternative
  • Special production in desired dimensions

Wooden Epoxy Meterials

Our natural wood or natural wood and epoxy material filled products will be the most aesthetic and natural looking products of your homes and offices. The best choice for your own use or to bring as a gift.


  • Wooden Epoxy Mirror
  • Epoxy coated candlesticks
  • TV units
  • Epoxy coated wooden tray
  • Ornamental items
  • Cutting Table
  • Decorative products
  • Wood and epoxy filled kitchen utensils
  • Wood and epoxy filled living room appliances
  • Opportunity to choose the desired shape and color
  • Natural items in different styles and designs
  • Candlesticks with a nautical concept
  • Night lamps with a nautical concept
  • Coffee tables
  • Dressers
  • Possibility of production at the desired size
  • Special production for your design with the desired concept
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy access

Upholstery Fabrics

Our upholstery fabrics, especially for the automotive industry, are at your service with high quality and product variety.


You can equip your vehicles with very stylish and high quality coatings that will guide your designs with color and style alternatives at an affordable price.


  • Interior roof lining fabrics
  • Vehicle interior floor covering fabrics
  • Special Vip car upholstery fabrics
  • Seat cover fabrics
  • Leather cover fabrics
  • Artificial Leather Vilneks covering fabrics
  • Cotton-Polyester blend coating fabrics
  • Acrylic coating fabrics
  • Bamboo covering fabrics